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Наслаждайтесь великолепными шансами на сотни фантастических спортивных событий с дополнительными деньгами, добавленными в ваш кошелек с самого начала вашего собственного захватывающего опыта онлайн ставок.

Players, who fail to enter the bonus code along with their first deposit on the deposit page, cannot receive the bonus after the deposit has been successfully processed.

In order to cash out the bonus and the winnings accumulated, players will need to rollover both the amount of their deposit and bonus amount 12 times. Any bet above your initial received bonus is not allowed. Combo bets count towards this bonus as long as the odds for each of the selections in the combo are minimum 1.

Customers with active bonus are not allowed to place bets with odds lower than 1. The system automatically restricts such bets.

Void, tie refunded or cancelled bets, will not be counted towards the rollover requirements for the bonus. If there is no available real balance, the wager is deducted from the bonus balance. As long as a player has an active bonus campaign, they cannot open a withdrawal request. Customers can only have one active bonus at any time. To claim another one, the current bonus should be closed or completed first. Bonus Выиграл тото 1хбет is considered but is not limited to:.

Asian Handicap betting. Bets on any NHL markets. Registration and participation is allowed only once per person, family, household address, email address, payment account number, IP address and shared computer, i.

Public library or workplace. Bonus will be refused to players who do not comply with this term and odd accounts will be closed. Please, refer to General Terms and Conditions — Duplicated accounts policy We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer and to redeem all bonus and winnings money accumulated by any customer or group of customers at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion.

Зарегистрируйтесь, чтобы получить бонус. Общие Правила. Bonus manipulation is considered but is not limited to: Bets on any NHL markets Bets via Telegram Bets via Telegram.

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Log in. European view. Odds change display Full version Simple version Disable. Market view Full Short. Should the overtime not decide the game either, penalty shots are assigned.

Is a team sport played between 2 teams of 11 players per side, including the goaltender. The game is held on a natural or artificial grass field. Like in any other kind of hockey, players use hockey sticks. The objective of the game is to score a goal against the opposing team using the sticks.

The winner is the team which scores more goals against the opposing team. A match consists of 2 halves of 35 minutes each, with an interval of 10 minutes. If the score is tied at the end of play a draw is assigned in some tournaments play continues into additional time overtime and bullets. Players with the exception of the goaltender are not allowed to touch the ball with hands and feet.

A goal is scored when an attacker strikes the ball from within the striking circle. Is auto circle racing with special cars. Formula 1 is held annually and consists of a series of races known as Grands Prix. The world champion is determined at the end of the year. Grands Prix consists of free series, qualification series, and race series. Points are awarded to the top ten finishers as follows: Какие букмекерские конторы работают через цупис The finishers who take top 3 places stand on the podium.

The warm-up lap is included in the race. If both racers retire, the racer who completed more laps pursuant to the official protocol, is considered winner. If the driver is classified, it means he finished the race. A match consists of 2 halves of 20 minutes each, with 15 minutes interval between the halves.

Only regular actual playing time counts. If a winner is required the play continues into 2 overtimes of 2 halves of 5 minutes each. Should the overtimes not decide the game either, 6-meter shoot-out is assigned.

A handball match consists of two periods of 30 minutes, with 10 minutes intervals between the periods. A tied score is possible, however if a winner is required 2 overtime halves of 5 minutes each are appointed with a 1-minute break. Should the first overtime not decide the game either, the second overtime with the same conditions is appointed after 5 minutes. Handball rules provide 3 types of personal sanctions:.

Warning yellow card2-minute suspension, Disqualification red card, suspension till the end of the match. Handball allows a 7-meter line throw, in which case player has a right to throw the ball from the 7-meter line.

A hockey game consists of 3 periods, each 20 minutes long. The intervals between periods last 15 minutes each. If the score is tied at the end of 3 periods, additional time overtime is appointed.

In case the tie is not broken after overtime, penalty shots bullets are appointed.

Terms and conditions of MelBet Affiliate Program

The need of overtime, as well as its duration and the necessity and number of penalty shots is agreed individually and must comply with the given competition regulations. In matches of Russian Championship and NHL bets are accepted with additional time overtime taken into account, except for the cases specified in the offered line.

In NHL playoff matches or other championships that do not allow a draw, the participant is warned beforehand that only bets on regular playing time are accepted. Bets on hockey matches in the championships of other countries or world championships and bets on bandy are only accepted with regular taken into account without overtimesexcept for the cases specified in the program.

Bets on win of the participant of the event with the handicap taken into account:. In hockey matches buying of handicap with half a goal is also offered. In this case the odds are reduced accordingly. In hockey matches buying of total is offered as well.

Bets on the result of the first period and entire match. It is offered to predict the result of the first period and entire match at the same time. The match consists of 2 halves of 40 minutes each overtime and compensated time not included with intervals of 5 to 10 minutes.

Overtimes are appointed if a winner is required. Rugby has several variations, the most widespread and famous of them is the Rugby Union often Букмекерская контора вести to simply as rugby or rugby The second well-known variation is the Rugby League rugby The main difference between these variations is the number of players, 15 and 13 accordingly.

Snooker is a type of billiards. The match consists of odd frames. For example, a 25 frames match is won by the player to first win 13 frames. The match begins with 15 red balls set in a triangle and 6 balls of different colours set on certain places of the table. The white ball is used to strike the colour balls. The players must knock the red and colour balls into the pockets. As long as reds are on the table, the pocketed colour balls shall be taken out of the pockets and returned to their original spots on the table.

In case of a tied score the match is finished by the black ball. There is a possibility of stalemate in snooker when striking red balls does not progress the frame. Points awarded for balls: Red — 1 point Yellow — 2 points Green — 3 points Brown — 4 points Blue — 5 points Pink — 6 points Black — 7 points. Tennis tournament consists of sets, which in their turn consists of games, and games consists of points.

Players take up places on opposite sides of the net. One player is designated the server and puts the ball into play, in other words that player serves.

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The opposing player is the receiver. The opposing player must return the ball before it touches the ground more than once. The ball can also be returned without touching the ground. In case of another mistake the score isthenafter which a won point means a won game: Obviously, during a game the score can be, etc.

It must be noted that in case of a tie in a game it continues until one of the players gets a 2 points advantage over the opponent. Score is not calculated in numbers after The player to first win 6 games only if the opposing player won no more than 4 games wins the set e. If the game score is one of the players must win the next two consecutive games i. At the end of the most prestigious tournaments the decisive set i.

Tennis is played on various courts, e. A tennis match is considered Фрибет на новый год винлайн have started if at least one point has been played. If one of the competitors is disqualified for any reason, refuses to play or is unable to continue the match the match ends prematurelythen all bets including live bets are settled as follows: Bets including bets made on statistical data - total aces, total double errors, etc.

The remaining bets are refunded settled with the odds of "1" The bets placed on the outcome of the match - "W1", "W2", are settled if the first set of the match was fully played and completed, and the player refused to continue the game after the end of the first set.

The loser is the player who for any reason is disqualified, refuses to play or is unable to continue the game. If the match ends prematurely ends before the end of the first set, then the bets placed on the outcome of the match - "W1", "W2", are returned settled with the odds of 1. Bets logically determined at the time that the match is stopped. For example, the player refuses to continue the game when the score is In this case, the bets placed on the total of the first set of 9.

In the case of incorrectly specified number of sets in a match, the bet made on total and odds is Работа в букмекерских контора. The bet made on the outcome of the match remains intact.

The incorrect indication of type of cover of a championship can not become the basis for the cancellation of bets. If a match has been postponed or interrupted, then bets including Live bets remain in effect until the end or continuation of the tournament or one of the players no longer refuses to play. If before the match, one of the tennis players refuses to play for any reason, is unable to participate in the match or is disqualified, then the bets placed for this match are eligible for a return settled with the odds of 1.

The handicap and the total in the tennis match shall be indicated in the games. If in a tennis match in the decisive set the "Super tie-break" is played, then the handicap and total are settled as points. A tennis match is considered started if at least one point has been played.

In case one of the participants is disqualified for any reason in the started tennis match, or refuses to play, or is unable to continue the match the match ends untimely all bets including online bets are calculated as follows: bets including bets placed on statistical data - total of the ace, total of double falls, etc.

The participant is considered to have lost if he is disqualified for any reason, refuses to play or is unable to continue the match. Suppose the participant refuses to continue the match when the score is All the bets placed on first set total 6.

In case of incorrectly specified number of sets in the match the bet amount on handicap and total is refunded. The bet on the result of the match remains valid. Wrong indication of court coverage in any championship cannot be basis for considering the bet void.

If a tennis match has been delayed or interrupted, the bets including On-line bets remain valid up to the end of the tournament to which it refers until the match continues or one of the players refuses to continue. In tennis handicap and total are indicated in games. Bets on the correct score in a tennis match all the unfinished games and sets are in favor of the winner.

The corresponding columns in the line are marked as The Organizer at its sole discretion may set bets on other probable events in tennis, for example: total of the ace, total of double falls, total of tie-break.

A volleyball match has no time limitation and is played in sets. Each set continues until one of the teams scores 25 points. Teams Леон бук зеркало until one of them wins 3 sets, so the maximum amount of sets is 5 In case of score the defining 5th set continues until one of the teams scores 15 points while keeping the aforementioned mandatory condition of winning by two points at least In case of score teams play until one of them gets a 2 points advantage over the opponent.

Bets on a certain score in a volleyball match.

The corresponding columns in the line are accordingly marked as, etc. Bets are also accepted on other probable events in volleyball, which will be offered in the program. The match is played in 4 quarters. In Olympic water polo tournaments each quarter is 8 minutes.

Each team is allowed 30 seconds to shoot the ball. If there is a tie at the end of regulation time, 2 overtime periods are appointed, each 3 minutes long total 6 minutes. Overtime is appointed until there is a winner. RULES The present Rules of bets accepting, funds deposit into and funds withdrawal from a gaming account of the betting company cafe-4gen.

Client — a person who bets with the bookmakers company on an event outcome. Outcome — a result of the event eventson which a bet is placed. How is the amount of Insurance calculated? The present Rules came into force on Dec 31, The betting company cafe-4gen. Clients are responsible for breach of this regulation. A client is responsible for breach of present rules. In the case of violation of these regulations, the company reserves the right to refuse payment of any winnings and already invested stakes as well as to cancel any bets.

The company takes no responsibility for knowing if the user is a member of one of the mentioned groups. This means that the company is entitled to undertake any necessary measures at any time after the user has become known as being a member of one of the mentioned groups.